‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Episode 10×20 Casting Sides

Casting sides for 10×20 – Grey’s Anatomy

Filming date: 2/27 – 3/12

Translator/Russian man: Derek’s BMI Office, night. Dr. Smith is on the phone, a man speaks in Russian followed by a translator. The translator says they’d take the lead on Gene receptors, its their bread …. Dr. Smith? Dr. Smith says he’s there, trying to pay attention.

Shears in Brain Guy – Dr. Smith holds up a scan of a brain with kitchen scissors embedded in the skull. Dr. Smith says “can’t say I’ve ever seen that before”.  Shears in Brain says “I know, right!?!”. He fully concious with the scissors sticking out of his forehead and just as impressed as Dr. Smith.

Nova/Chelsea - Nova Jenkins (20s) is in her room with her best friend Chelsea sitting on her bed. Nova is eating a burrito. Dr. Smith comes in and says good news, they’re doing her surgery tonight instead of tomorrow, they’ve shuffled things around. Chelsea says to Dr. Smith that Nova picked him from his picture, its all about the eyes. She’s needling Nova who is gaga over Dr. Smith. Nova says there’s a lot of fine doctors out there but you, Dr. Smith, are a fine doctor. Then tell him his face crinkles when he’s about to give bad news. He says that patients need to fast prior to  surgery and nods to the half eaten burrito. Nova asks if it needs to be postponed again. She’s been there almost a week. He can’t do this again, not to this nice girl. Dr. Smith says they have to wait 8 hours so they will do the surgery at 2:30 am. Nova saya midnight rendezvous! Chelsea shakes her head laughing at her best friend.  If Nova didn’t love him before she absolutely does now. Nova says “I love you”, Chelseas says “she means it, she loves you.” Dr. Smith smiles, shaking his head at these two.

Post-Op, morning.  Chelsea is beside Dr. Smith he examines Nova is she is waking up. She’s non-responsive and groggy. Its intense. He leans over and looks in her pupils. Dr. Smith asks Nova if she can hear him and to blink if she understands him. It looks like she may be gorked. Then groggy, she speaks “smiling eyes” then to Chelsea “he’s so pretty”.  The whole rooms sighs with relief. Dr. Smith asks “what’s your name?”. She replies “Nova Jenkins, thanks for asking Dr. Pretty”. Everythig looks good.

Nicole/Kyle: Dr. Ramos consults for Dr. Carter, examining a facial lac on Jill Kasliner, age 4. Her parents Nicole and Kyle argue. Nicole is deaf and communicates through ASL while Kyle uses both ASL and speaking. They’re discussing whether to get rid of the dog. The dog growled after Jill was pulling on his tail but Jill didn’t hear and then got the bite. Dr. Ramos asks if they’ve ever considere cochlear implants. They aren’t interested. Dr. Ramos says Jill is the perfect age, healthy and now would be the time to get the most benefit. Nicole’s signs become big, passionate, “loud”. She says that her daughter is deaf. She is not diseased. She doesn’t need to be cured or fixed. Kyle says see, now you made her yell. Dr. Ramos apologizes saying he/she didn’t mean to be disrespectful.

Excited Doctor/Excited Doctor 2- Auditorium, day. Hundreds of crowd the large auditorium. An excited doctor sidles up to Dr. Marshall and introduces himself as Robert Bonocore. Dr. Marshall says “the epilepsy specialist”. Excited doctor says he’s a huge fan, has read all Dr. Marshall’s work, its just facinating. Truly. Dr. Marshall says thank you as Excited Doctor 2 overhears and asks where Dr. Marshall is on the second phase. They are all waiting to see when they can get their hands on this. Excited Doctor asks when Dr. Marshall will finish the fellowship, Excited Doctor 2 says he/she imagines everyone is asking that.

Source: Television Without Pity (WindSprints)

Author: TV Tipster

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